Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Dallas Lace Society

Second Quarter Newsletter
May 2017

Letter from the President

Dear Lacers,

I hope that everyone is working on some beautiful lace and allotting some lacing time to make flowers to send to Alamo Bobbin Lacers for the 2018 Convention. You have probably seen the patterns that were sent in an email, but you may also use any pattern that you like and any color or thread that you would like. We will mail them flat to the lacers in San Antonio, and they will pull the thread and mount them onto stems. They will use them for bouquets on the banquet tables and as gifts for attendees. Our dear Alamo Bobbin Lacers appreciate any help we can give.

Arthiss informs that we have a couple of new members: Paula Moss and Diane Culpin. I am eager to meet them soon!

We have signed on to lace demonstrations at the Quilters Guild of Plano 2017 Quilt Show. It will be held Friday & Saturday, August 11 & 12, 9 AM to 5 PM at the Plano Event Center, 2000 East Spring Creek Parkway. We will send a sign-up email later in the summer.

If you have ideas for demonstrations or other ways to promote our lace group, please let us know.

Hope you have a nice summer. The heat makes for great lacing weather!

Next business meeting will be July 25, 2017.

Hope to see you soon,

Upcoming Demo Dates

Plano Quilt Show – August 11 – 12
The Plano Center
North Texas Quilt Festival – August 24 – 26
Arlington Convention Center

If you want to demo, contact

Library News

The Dallas Lace Society Library is now ONLINE at LIBIB.COM.
For more information about the DLS Library, contact
Arthiss Kliever at


May 16 – Norell Mounger
May 18 – Denise Royal
May 30 - Rowena Billow
June 2 – Hiroko Okuno
June 10 – Regina Dale
June 16 – Sunela Thomas
June 21 – Barbara Roth
July 20 – Pat Bailey
July 22 – Deborah Stone
July 30 – Dorothy Morgan

Banner Update

Work is almost finished! Great work ladies!

Battenburg Cake

1 cup Butter, softened
1 cup white sugar
3 eggs
¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/8 teaspoon salt
2 drops red food coloring
1 cup apricot preserves
2 cups round almonds
3 cups confectioners' sugar
1 egg, room temperature
1 ½ teaspoons lemon juice
¼ teaspoon almond extract

Cream butter and 1 cup sugar together. Beat in 3 eggs, one at a time. Mix in vanilla. Stir in flour, baking powder and salt gently. Add milk if needed.

Divide batter into 2 equal parts. Add food coloring to 1 part to make a deep pink color. Grease 2 7 inch square pans. Spread batters into pans.

Bake at 350 degrees until an inserted wooden pick comes out clean, about 25 to 30 minutes. Let stand in pans 5 minutes. Turn out on racks to cool.

Trim edges from both cakes. Cut each cake lengthwise into 4 strips as wide as a cake is thick. Trim to make strips match. Heat jam slightly. Spread on sides to glue 2 pink and 2 white strips together, checkerboard fashion. Spread all 4 sides of completed cake with jam. Repeat with remaining pink and white strips. Makes 2 cakes.

To make almond paste: Mix almonds, confectioners' sugar, egg, lemon juice, and almond extract together. Knead until smooth, adding a bit of lemon juice or water if too dry to roll. Add only ½ teaspoon at a time. It will be stiff. Divide into 2 equal parts.

Roll ½ paste 1/8 inch or so thick on a surface lightly dusted with confectioners' sugar. Cut to fit length of cake, and long enough to cover 4 sides leaving ends uncovered. Lay cake on one end of paste. Wrap to completely enclose all 4 sides of cake pinching paste to seal. Roll in granulated sugar. Place with seal underneath on serving plate, or store in plastic bag. Repeat for second cake. Chill. Slice thinly to serve.


Thanks, Cathy Morris, for teaching a workshop for us in April! All participants had a great time and learned plenty … and thanks to Arthiss Kliever for hosting the class!

The Fall Workshop will be taught by Louise Colgan!
This class is scheduled for Sept. 23 - 25th

The Liberty Lacers &
International Organization of Lace, Inc. invite you to join us for the
64th Annual IOLI Convention
Sunday, July 16 - Saturday, July 22, 2017
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
For more information go to

Next year, the convention will be held in San Antonio!

The State Fair of Texas 2017

For those interested in entering this year's competition, "Bobbin Lace" allows two submissions. One is a piece of your own design and making and the other is your interpretation of another's design. For rules and submission forms and deadlines, visit BIGTEX.COM!

Membership in The Dallas Lace Society

The cost is only $15 a year, due Feb. 1st. For questions, contact Linda Cole at
Meetings – Every Tuesday at Forest Green Library 11 am to 3 pm
*Second Saturday of each month from 1 pm to 4 pm
*barring scheduled library events

Next business meeting will be July 25, 2017

To contribute content or edit info, contact

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