Friday, September 21, 2012

August Newsletter

President’s Message
I want to take this time to thank Cathy for the Honiton workshop. I would like to say I finished mine, but that wouldn’t be truthful so I will say that it is waiting for me to find a way of finishing it and get something else on my pillow, but probably not Honton at this time. So what exciting things are each of you working on; Or are you perhaps working on those Christmas gifts for the Christmas party. Debbie is checking on where we will have it this year. So happy lacing to all

p.s. Oh yes and thanks Marilyn for taking charge of the business meeting for me. I heard it was a huge success.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

May-June President's Message

The hardest part of being president is writing the words that will keep everyone inspired, but here goes: 

Today going through Pat's lace collection we will be remembering Pat all over again, but I know she will be happy sharing what she has left behind. Now to look forward to the upcoming events that are not that far away. Alex’s lace classes and getting to see friends and enjoy the friendships that have been built along the way. I am encouraging any one who has not yet signed up to do so soon. Alex again will be staying part of the time with me and part time with Cathy Morris so if any one has any suggestions for entertainment for the first few days I would appreciate the help on that.

Happy lacing,


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

President's Message March-April

I know the calendar says it is winter, but the temperature outside tells a different story.  I hope all our lace ladies and gents-if there are any among us-are having fun at their pillows and will be bringing show and tell for all to see.  Are you ready for Elena’s Cantu’  class? We will have other announcements on up-coming classes so keep tuned in.
                    Business Meeting                                                                                      

DLS Business Meeting Minutes
January 31, 2012

Members Present: Opal, Marilyn, Linda, Pat, Rowena, Dorothy , Karen , Arden  and Debbie.
The meeting was called to order at 12:30 PM by our President.
Secretary Report:  Debbie asked if there were changes necessary to the October 2011 minutes provided through email and at the meeting. Dorothy motioned to accept the minutes and Pat  seconded. The motion was passed.

Treasurer Report: Linda submitted the franchise information and hasn't heard of other problems. Will file in April for 2012. Financial reports were submitted to the group for review. Dorothy motioned the Treasurer Report be accepted; Debbie seconded the motion and it was passed.

VP/Chairman Report:  Louise Colgan has several 2013 Spring dates available. Marilyn will ask if Louise can have something available in Fall of 2012 or 2013. May 18-19 2013 is available currently. Also, Marilyn will ask if a 3 day class is an option.
Cathy might teach a Honiton class Summer 2012 in a big and bold pattern rather than normal small Honiton.
Opal might teach another knitted lace class for September 2013 during Tuesday lace-ins.
Librarian Report: Marilyn has completed a new list for the directory and submitted it to Linda. Also, the library has several VHS tapes for learning lacemaking and would like to get them converted to DVDs. Debbie volunteered her husband to try converting them.
Demonstrations: The demo at El Centro fashion class was a great success. In fact, the instructors suggested that someone approach the school with a formal class as a paid instructor.
 Dorothy is researching some teaching materials. DLS is not allowed to do a paid class format; therefore, a member must do it on her own.
There are possible demos for DLS in Forney or the Dallas Quilt Show (mid-March). New forthcoming
Membership: There are currently 27 members. Anyone that hasn't paid will not be included in the directory. Rita will supply a piece of lace for the directory cover since she's moving back to Belgium.
Hospitality: Karen missed January 2012 birthday cards since she was out of town.
Old Business: DLS will return to email/paper newsletters instead of blog per member preference.
New Business: Lacy Susan website is available though there is a new owner.
Opal encourages members to lace some stars for the IOLI conference (Refer to IOLI website). The stars can be submitted to IOLI without participating in the contest.
The Meeting was adjourned at 1:15 PM by Opal.

Respectfully submitted,

Monday, January 30, 2012

Holocaust Butterfly Project

Check out Member Chat page to find out more--

Central Regional Meeting at IOLI Convention 2011

Shemene Peckman, our Regional Director presided. 
The order of business was to gather suggestions and opinions to change the name of  "International Old Lacers, Inc." to something else. Some people felt the word "Old" perhaps discouraged young people from wanting to learn about making lace and joining.  It was really a discussion only.  Ideas and sugestions are to be taken back to the IOLI Board of Directors.  It was noted that if the word "Old" was changed to another word starting with the letter "O" new stationary and other items could still be used without creating additional costs to IOLI.
Since nothing else was discussed or presented, I decided to ask 3 people from 3 different regions what they discussed.  They all stated the possible name change was all they discussed.
Thank you for having me represent the DLS.

President's Message

Happy New Year Lacers,
This is the time of the year when we make our new year's resolution-what is yours?  Is it to learn a new type of lace or strengthen one that we have already learned?  I also hope it is to attend as many lace meetings as possible and to encourage others to do the same.  I look forward to seeing what each of our members are challenging themselves to do this year.  Happy lacing my friends.