Monday, January 30, 2012

Central Regional Meeting at IOLI Convention 2011

Shemene Peckman, our Regional Director presided. 
The order of business was to gather suggestions and opinions to change the name of  "International Old Lacers, Inc." to something else. Some people felt the word "Old" perhaps discouraged young people from wanting to learn about making lace and joining.  It was really a discussion only.  Ideas and sugestions are to be taken back to the IOLI Board of Directors.  It was noted that if the word "Old" was changed to another word starting with the letter "O" new stationary and other items could still be used without creating additional costs to IOLI.
Since nothing else was discussed or presented, I decided to ask 3 people from 3 different regions what they discussed.  They all stated the possible name change was all they discussed.
Thank you for having me represent the DLS.

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