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The Dallas Lace Society

Third Quarter Newsletter
August 2016

Letter from the President

Dear Members,

We’re having some good lacing weather – too hot to do anything else.

Stacy and I enjoyed the IOLI convention in Indianapolis. It was a fine hotel and the convention was very well organized. We both took an Idrija class so if anyone wants to give this lace a try we will be glad to share our minimal knowledge. Next year the convention is in Philadelphia and then in San Antonio for 2018 or 2019. The Alamo Lacers would love for us to help out whenever they do host the convention.

Now we must get back to our projects for entry to the State Fair. Entries are due August 12, 13 or 14. There is going to be some tuff competition

this year with more lacers entering. That will make it so much more exciting.

We are always searching for ways to pique interest in lacing. At our regional gathering during IOLI it was suggested that we try arranging beginner lessons at knit or craft shops. Would love to hear any ideas on this topic or if you have a connection with any shop that might be willing to let us offer a class.

For a group project we are going to create a banner for use at demonstrations. Stacy has come up with an idea and we hope each member can join in the fun. It will be a series of triangles with lace pieces as spaces and lace letters spelling out Dallas Lace Society, all on dark colored triangles. The triangles will be held together and the banner can be hung above or attached to the demonstration table. Debbie is preparing some patterns of Milanese letters the appropriate size. You could make a letter or a small piece of lace for the spaces. There will be 16 letters and a need for 8 pieces of any type of lace. The letters will be in white thread so as to show up well on the dark fabric of the triangle. The isosceles triangle will be 6 inches across the top with sides of 11 inches coming to a sharp point. I can fax, mail, or email you the shape if you need it. You may send your completed pieces to Stacy.

The son of one of our founding members, Ruth Leatherwood, donated a collection of lace, lace tools and lace books to DLS this month. We enjoyed going through the items and Rowena was able to fill in some history for us. Arthiss tells us that about 20 of the books/booklets are new material to add to our library and others were duplicates. We are so thankful that John took the time to deliver and donate the items to DLS.

Hope to see you soon,

Demo Dates

Plano Quilt Show – August 12 & 13 at the Plano Centre
If you want to demo, contact

State Fair of Texas – DLS Demo Day – Oct. 11th
11am – 1pm or 2pm – 4pm
If you want to demo, contact

(free tickets and limited parking passes available)

We Need Your Help!

The Dallas Lace Society is currently creating a new banner to use for our events. The “flag” design features individual letters, made in a Milanese style. Please consider making one or two of these to use. To get details, contact Stacy Tackett at!

Fall Workshop

September 10, 11 & 12, 2016
limited space available!

Holly van Sciver, from Ithaca, New York is well-known to most of us. She has been a student and teacher of lacemaking for over 40 years. Originally trained in England, she has taught in the United States, Canada and Europe. She is a leader in teaching the fundamentals underlying lacemaking theory and design. Holly is the owner of Van Sciver Lace, and will be bringing lace supplies to show and sell.

At the Workshop, most of us will be working through Holly's course on Drafting Bedfordshire Lace Circles -- from graph paper to computer to lace pillow . But optionally, attendees may bring their own projects to work on with Holly's guidance. 

Registration fee for the three-day Workshop is $160.  Class size is limited to 12, so sign up soon if you are interested. Your spot in the class will be secure upon receipt of your registration fee.  It will be held at the home of Marilyn Waisanen, 5105 Swiss Ave, Dallas.

Deadline for registration is Wednesday, August 10. 
Make your check out to Dallas Lace Society, and mail (or give) to me:
    Arthiss Kliever
    10505 Lakemere Dr
    Dallas TX  75238

After the registration deadline, I will send the complete class list to Holly. She will be in touch with you to confirm what you will be working on, and to make sure you have the information and supplies you need for the class.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Arthiss Kliever, Workshop Coordinator

* * * 2017 – Deborah Beever, Louise Colgan * * *

Oatmeal Lace Cookies...of course!


  • ½ cup butter or margarine
  • 3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons all purpose flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 1/4 cups Large Flake Quaker® Oats or Quick Quaker® Oats (uncooked)


  1. Beat butter and sugar together until creamy.
  2. Blend in flour, salt, milk and vanilla. Stir in oats.
  3. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto greased cookie sheets, about 2 inches apart to allow for spreading. Bake in preheated moderate (350° F) about 8 minutes.
  4. Cool 2 to 3 minutes then carefully remove cookies from cookie sheet with wide spatula. Cookies will be very thin and lacy.

The library is being EDITED

Within the next few months duplicate books and other items may be available for a small donation. Updates will be forthcoming through email and on our blog

Duplicates from the Dallas Lace Society Library - Aug 2016 

1. The Technique of Bobbin Lace, by Pamela Nottingham. 1995 paperback, 183 pp. Good instruction, diagrams and prickings for Torchon, Bucks Point, and Bedfordshire laces. (suggested donation $12 )
2. Miniature Bobbin Lace, by Roz Snowden. 1998 paperback, 106 pp. Large number of miniature patterns in Torchon Lace with good instructions. (suggested donation $10)
3. Introduction to Honiton Lace, by Susanne Thompson. 1985 paperback, 120 pp. Introduction, basic stitches, and five patterns described in great detail, getting progressively harder. (suggested donation $10)
4. 50 New Bobbin Lace Patterns, by Claire Burkhard. 1993 paperback, 159 pp. Original mixed technique patterns. (suggested donation $10)
5. Tatting: Technique & History, by Elgiva Nicholls. 1962 paperback, 128 pp. History, with a few patterns. (suggested donation $5)
6. Tatting: Patterns and Designs, by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson. 1967 paperback, 96 pp. Patterns of mobiles and mats. (suggested donation $5)
7. Plants & Flowers in Lace, by Bridget M. Cook, ed. 1995 paperback, 48 pp. Small projects with diagrams, minimal instructions. (suggested donation $3)
8. Weddings, Christenings & Anniversaries in Lace, by Bridget M. Cook, ed. 1995 paperback, 48 pp. Alphabet, edgings, and heart patterns with diagrams. (suggested donation $3)
9. Pillow Lace and Bobbins, by Jeffery Hopewell. 1999 booklet, 32 pp. Describes and issustrates different varieties of lace and the tools and terms used. (suggested donation $2) 
10. Tatting, a DMC Publication. 1976 booklet, 32 pp. Several patterns not found elsewhere. (2 Copies available) (suggested donation $2)
11. Tatting for Today, by Marion Leyds. 1980 DMC booklet, 27 pp. Circular motifs for ornaments and pincushions.  (suggested donation $2)
12. Festive Tatting, by Marion Leyds. 1983 DMC booklet, 26 pp. Patterns for Christmas, edgings, and needle case. (suggested donation $2)

For more information about the DLS Library, contact
Arthiss Kliever at

The Dallas Lace Society was presented an award at the 2016 IOLI Convention for our achievement in volunteer/teaching hours!


Sept. 26 – Susan Merritt
Sept. 28 – Pat Kuhler

Membership in The Dallas Lace Society

The cost is only $15 a year, due Feb. 1st. For questions, contact Linda Cole at
Meetings – Every Tuesday at Forest Green Library noon to 3 pm
*Second Saturday of each month from 1 to 4
*barring scheduled library events

Next meeting will be Oct. 25th.
Christmas Party – Dec. 10th!

To contribute content or edit info, contact

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