Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January Newsletter

Here is the first newsletter for the NEW YEAR. I suppose every one is over the excitement of the holidays and are ready to get back to the everyday things. I don’t know what each of you is working on, but it will be interesting to see. I still am working on the piece that Debbie gave me and it is hard to keep my attention on it. I’m afraid my tension is not very good and I keep trying to get better at it. We will have our business meeting the last Tuesday of Jan so I hope we will have a good turnout and see what is on for the coming months. 
 Your President Opal


  1. Hi, I was wondering how I could find out your meeting times & location.

    1. Weekly Meetings:
      Tuesdays 12:00pm-3:00pm
      Forest Green Library, 9015 Forest Lane, Dallas, Tx 75243

      Monthly Meeting
      Second Saturday each month

  2. This is the best newsletter for the NEW YEAR that are using the Corporate Stationery Dallas to maintain the schedule...
    Thanks for sharing....!!!!