Wednesday, August 24, 2011

President's Message

Dear lacers,
It’s hot outside and I hope that doesn’t stop you from making lace.
Time goes fast and in many craft stores we can already see the first sign of Christmas is coming.
Like I told you last year during our yearly Xmas meeting, I’ll move back to Europe, more specific to Belgium the birthplace of lace, at the end of 2011.
Last April my son married Luise and she promised me a grandchild soon. They kept their promise and the baby is due around February 22 this is for me an extra reason to move Plano for to Belgium!
Moving back is leaving the Dallas Lace Society behind and I’ll be happy to leave this club in the good hands of the next President.
Who will this be?? It’s up to the members to come forward and take the responsibility to keep this “Art” club going.
The attendance of the weekly meetings has been dropping, maybe it is time to think about a change and have a bi-weekly meeting at one of the members homes. Just a thought, which will be an agenda point at the next board meeting together with the identification of the new President.
Before I came to Dallas I found the Dallas Lace Society on internet and one of the first things I did when we came to Texas was to join this Society. I have never been sorry!!
It’s a bittersweet feeling to say good bye to all of you,

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